Welcome to Spy Con 2 - We are getting ready for Spy Con in Atlanta, October 8 - 10, 2021. Your dossier will be released soon.

Meanwhile, tickets are $45 for the 3-day event weekend. Price increases to $60/weekend after September 1, 2021.

We strongly urge that you be vaccinated for the most effective protection against all strains of COVID. If you are not vaccinated, we will almost certainly require you to wear a mask at our events, based on protocols relevant in October. We currently recommend masks for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals alike based on recent increases in new cases.

At this time we have no meeting size restrictions from local or state officials or the hotel, so we are proceeding to operate at full capacity. We do plan on keeping hand sanitizing stations around the convention, as well as wiping down in between panels, and other sanitation steps to keep all of us safe. We urge everyone to maintain sensible precautions in interacting socially during this time of uncertainty.

If you pre-purchased your Spy Con badge and are not comfortable attending this year, you may request that your admission roll over to our 2022 event.

We will continue to monitor conditions and amend our policy regarding precautions.

See you in October!